As Mary Landrieu asks Bill Cassdiy to bring his records to today's debate, Cassidy continues to bash President Barack Obama policies.  Watch their final debate today.

Mary Landrieu, Democrat, is facing Bill Cassidy a Republican, in the December 6th runoff election for her seat in the Senate.   The gloves come off tonight in the only debate Cassidy would agree to at 7 p.m. airing statewide from WAFA-TV in Baton Rouge.


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According to the, Friday U.S. Sen. Mary Landrieu called on Bill Cassidy, to produce records showing he worked at LSU, part-time in a teaching position. Landrieu  accuses Congressman Cassidy of  " collecting a pay check and benefits package close to $50,000 a year for work that there is no evidence anywhere that the work was ever done.”

Landrieu’s campaign is alleges Cassidy double-dipped and committed fraud by taking a $20,000 a year part-time job at LSU, teaching resident physicians at the medical school in Baton Rouge.

Landrieu’s campaign manager, Ryan Berni said of the Cassidy allegations, “We know now, it’s a fact,” he continued “LSU had already covered his medical liability insurance, which is valued at as much as $20,000 to $25,000 a year on top of the $20,000 a year stipend, on top of his $174,000 congressional salary.”  The 50K Landrieu referred to, includes Cassidy’s $20,000 stipend and the malpractice insurance.

Berni insisted, “It’s really important for the voters of this state, who really haven’t heard who Congressman Cassidy is because he’s been hiding behind ‘Obama, Obama, Obama,’ all day long. Now we know. He’s basically a fraud.”

LSU lawyer Katherine Muslow confirmed, “He was being paid out of Baton Rouge Earl K. Long, which is no longer there.”  The reports, Cassidy worked at the LSU charity hospital for two decades before taking his seat in Congress in 2009.  He got permission from the U.S. House to continue teaching part time, however congressmen are forbidden from treating patients as part of a private practice.

Landrieu's campaign is trying to show Cassidy continued to work part-time with LSU, while in Congress. Siting his campaign commercials for Senate even featured him wearing hospital scrubs, and his speeches mentioned his part-time teaching at LSU often.

For more details see the video below provided by KPLC-TV

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