The USA and China were neck and neck the entire Olympics until the final two days.  The USA walked away with more medals and golds than any other country, including China!  Go USA!


The 2012 London Summer Olympics couldn't have been more exciting.  The greatest athletes in the world came together to compete and prove once and for all, who's the very best in their sport.  It was a magnificent event, that thank God it went on without a hitch.  London pulled out the red carpet and showed the world it was worthy to hold the 2012 Summer Olympics.

Just as it began, the Olympics came to a dramatic and exciting end.  The grand finale began with live performances of Great Britain's beloved musical artists and entertainers.  Then rapped up with an absolutely phenomenal fireworks show.



The final medal count was as follows:

USA- 104 medals- 46/Gold- 29/Silver- 20/Bronze

China-87 medals- 38/Gold- 27/Silver- 22/Bronze

Great Britain-65 medals- 29/Gold- 17/Silver- 19/Bronze

Korea-28 medals- 13/Gold- 8/Silver- 7/Bronze

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