The Cougars came out and showed out for the annual LCB All-Class reunion.  It was all love, fellow-ship and school spirit, as it should be.  Enjoy!

I love the fact that people from every single class came out.  This alumni all-class reunion is getting bigger and better every year.  I love the unity and togetherness.  Everyone was on the same page and it truly was wonderful to see and be a part of.  I am honored to be a Cougar!

I gotta recognize LaGrange High School, who give us their school and stadium every year.  On behalf of ALL the LCB Alumni, we appreciate it.  Shouts out to Washington- Marion High School and Barbe High School Alumni who came out it BIG numbers to party with us...we appreciate the love.  Last but not least to the principals, teachers, coaches, and facility of Lake Charles High School (1890 - 1983), W.O. Boston High School (1949-1983) and Lake Charles-Boston High School (1983 - 2006) we thank you.

Here's a few pics from this years all-class reunion, courtesy of LCB Alumni.  Enjoy these pictures and see you all next year!