While every one in some form or fashion remembers Rodney King. While NWA had been exposing the police for years. Those of us outside of California had never seen anything like this before. People who were suppose to be protecting us actually hurting us and leaving us for dead.


Then in 2006 there was another situation that shook the world. This was the killing of Sean Bell in New York. He was only 23 years old and within a few hours was suppose to be marrying his fiance. While leaving a bachelor party he was shot 50 times and killed instantly. Now there is a documentary that is being released that talks with his family and more exclusive interviews as well. They have currently set up a Go Fund account to make sure the movie makes it to the public, and here is the trailer for it.


Sean Bell The Movie Trailer:

I think that this movie needs to be released and obviously there is no better part then now. The violence that the police are placing on individuals especially in the black community is ridiculous. The microscope is on the we need to know more then ever what are we suppose to do when we see ourselves abiding by the law.


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