Pastor Michael T. Smith of Jacksonville, Florida says that Reebok should hire Rick Ross back, and should not have fired him. 

Pastor Smith make's strong valid points that the standards of many American companies  are hypocritical.

Major companies seem to be out to make money by any means necessary, but of course until advocacy groups boycott in mass numbers. Then, who gets all of the blame? Just ask Rick Ross.

Find out what Pastor Smith had to say about the matter in all of it's fairness.

I myself ask, how can you condemn one line from a song, though a 'questionably' disrespectful line, when in fact many rap artist's music contain lyrics laden with tales about drugs, sex, murder, and misogyny? Why be concerned about that one line, and not be concerned about all of the other strong references that have been made in rap music, especially in the last 10 years?

Do you think Rick Ross, and Lil Wayne are just a handful of Rap/Hip-Hop artists who will now be subject to accountability for the things they say in their music? Give us your thoughts, we want to know what you think.