The problem most of us have with technology because we are only partially trained in using it. Let's face it, we all have a phone in our hands or in our pockets that can perform many functions, but most of us only use a handful of those functions daily. But, according to some experts making a few tweaks to those functions and settings could be a real lifesaver.

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If you have an iPhone you are probably familiar with Siri. Siri is the automated voice-activated "assistant" that can help your iPhone do everything from calling someone to finding directions to a new restaurant. But there is a function on the iPhone involving Siri that many first responders really wish you'd consider activating or changing if you have it turned off or blocked.

Rachel Kent is a Tik Tok influencer and before taking to social media to share her thoughts, views, and hacks, she worked as a first responder. She recently took to Tik Tok to share these thoughts on Siri, the iPhone assistant that could truly save your life.

Basically, Rachel is saying that if you have an iPhone with Siri that you need to adjust your settings on your phone so that Siri can be activated even when the phone is locked. How this helps first responders can be life-changing.

For example, if you happened to be unconscious first responders could simply call out to your phone and say "Siri, who am I". The phone will then pull up your contact information and perhaps important emergency medical information as well.

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Another benefit to having Siri available when your phone is locked is that if you find yourself in an emergency and you can't reach your phone you can just ask Siri to dial 911. By the way, the process for setting up this change in Siri is really pretty easy on the iPhone.To activate it, go to Settings > Siri & Search > Allow Siri When Locked.

Again, this tiny little adjustment in the setting of your phone could be the difference between life and death and could actually speed up the reaction time of first responders to your particular needs.

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