Back in May, Lake Charles dealt with close to 11 feet of water in the city. It all started from numerous days of rain that plagued the city and it rain consistently in the area. This lead to the city being literally under water. I recently went to Firestone as I was getting some work done on my wife's car. The service man there said that they had so many cars coming in from being flooded out, that they literally had to turn them away to other businesses.

While the city dealt with it a hard blow. It has caused many in the city to literally have PTSD from when it rains in the city. Over the past 2 weeks, it has rain at least 10 out of the those days. While there were a few light days, some of it started from the morning and lasted through the afternoon. While the city is based in low lying areas, we also have drainage issues in the area. Most of this has been caused by the debris from the Hurricanes that we had last year. I would also like to believe that there are years of beads as well from the multitude of Mardi Gras parades that we have had over the years.

I know first hand what it's like when it rains and you are worried about your family being in a safe place. You may be contemplating the safety of your home or wondering how you are going to get home. During our flooding that we endured back in May. There were kids stranded at many schools until some of the bus drivers got together and made rounds to try and make sure they got home safely. If you are someone who is dealing with heart heavy issues, consider seeking help and finding someone to talk to. One thing about living in Lake Charles is that the weather can change at the flick of the wrist. I literally keep a jacket or umbrella in my car at all times.. We are currently in Hurricane city and we all need to prepare for the worst, even if we are praying for the best.


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