Just a day after his release from an 8 year stint, former governor Edwin Edwards has already landed himself a job. This goes to show that there is redemption for those who serve there time and are released  back to the free world.

One day after his release from prison, former Louisiana Governor Edwin Edwards has landed a job as a consultant for a well-known Lake Charles businessman.

Claude "Buddy" Leach, has hired Edwards a personal consultant. Leach said he hired Edwards because of his depth of knowledge in both the legal field and oil and gas industry.

"He'll be a consultant with me as an individual," said Leach. "He is not a company employee. He is my employee."

Edwards will work out of Leach's Baton Rouge office.

"I just feel very strongly that a man or a woman who serves their sentence should be given employment if that is a condition of their release," said Leach.

Edwards, who served four terms as governor, spent eight years in prison for bribery related to riverboat licenses.

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via Former Gov. Edwards has a new job - KPLC 7 News, Lake Charles, Louisiana.

This is truly good news as there are so many stigmas placed on those who serve time in the the System. They are released and expected to resume working without hesitation from any future employers. We will be keeping a close watch on the progress of former Louisiana Govenor Edwin Edwards in his new position.