If you were a wrestling fan from back in the day like I was. Then you remember The Great Kamala who was well over 6 feet and big as anyone out at the moment. He officially retired from wrestling in 2011, and recently has been on hard times. He has had a serious bout with Diabetes, which has him living as a double amputee. He was recently interviewed about his past and currently situation, check it out below.


 The Rise And Fall of The Great Kamala:


Wrestling Match With The Great Kamala:


It would really be great if alot of the retired wrestlers had a retirement plan, although that is generally not available for them. This would be a great look for current wrestlers like The Rock, John Cena and some of the others to help alot of these retired guys. They didn't have the readily available opportunities like they do now of acting, music and more. My prayers are with Kamala and his family that there will be some type of positive turnaround for them in the near future.