Frank Ocean walks away from another lawsuit unscathed. Nearly a year after news broke that the singer was in court with producer Om'Mas Keith over writing credits on the Blonde album, the situation has been settled with both artists dropping their suits.

The end of things came on Friday (Jan. 25), reports The Blast. Both parties filed court documents to put the matter to a rest.

Ocean first sued Keith in February 2018, after alleging he falsely claimed credit for co-writing 11 songs on the Blonde LP. Frank claimed Keith registered with ASCAP as the co-writer in order to try and obtain royalties. The singer claims Keith only worked on master recordings on a flat-fee basis and had nothing to do with the writing of the lyrics or melodies.

Keith counter-sued in May, alleging that he rejected Frank's flat-fee proposal and was therefore entitled to writing credits and royalties. But both artists have come to a mutual agreement and have decided to no longer peruse litigation.

In 2017, Frank defeated a libel lawsuit brought forward by his father. The singer's estranged dad, Calvin Cooksey, was seeking $14.5 million after accusing Frank in court of defamation. The suit arose after Cooksey became angered over a Tumblr post Frank put out where he recalled Cooksey calling a transgender waitress an anti-gay slur.

A judge sided with the singer and said Cooksey, "failed to meet necessary elements to make his defamation claim."


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