It appears Frank Ocean and Travis Scott's issues, which resulted in the crooner sending La Flame a cease-and-desist letter, were resolved weeks ago.

As previously reported, news recently surfaced that Frank was unhappy with the way his vocals sounded on the Astroworld track, "Carousel," and fired off a C&D to have his vocals removed from the song. But that doesn't appear exactly to be the case.

On Friday (Sept. 14) Frank set the record straight on his Tumblr page, cryptically revealing his real issue with Travis, and noting they deaded the misunderstanding weeks ago.

"I think the song sounds cool, I did it in like 20 minutes and the mix sounds the way Travis wanted it to sound for his record," Frank Ocean wrote on his Tumblr page. "I also approved it before it came out so the cease and desist wasn’t about 🔊 it was about 🏳️‍🌈. Me and Travis resolved it amongst ourselves weeks ago. 💖"

Travis confirmed there is no ill will toward Frank in an Instagram post where he uploaded a photo of a Blonded tour t-shirt. "Someone I call family and always will," he captioned the pic. "Has taught me a ton. And a true inspiration in an out of the StuGang."

Some speculate that Frank's brief issue with Travis may have stemmed from the Texas rapper removing trans model Amanda Lepore from his Astroworld album cover. Travis later promised to use the images in a photo booklet he plans on dropping. Either way, it appears he and Frank are currently at peace.

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