The Saint Hackleberry Animal Fund and Magnolia Spay Neuter will be having a free Cat Sprays and Neuters at the Lake Charles Civic Center August 7th and 8th. This is going to be a free event to Lake Charles residents with proper ID. There will also be Rabies shots provided by appointment only. The spots are filling as we speak, so you'll need to book your appointment now at This is limited to 6 cats per house. Make sure to get on it so that you can get your little furry babies taken care of.

I have a quick funny story as a matter of fact two. My wife and son are deathly afraid of cats. My wife is so bad that one time I was at a remote and my wife called me crying. Of course I was taken aback and went into protective mode. She was finally able to utter the words of what was wrong. Apparently she was running back and forth to the car at home and the door was left cracked opened. Well a cat went into the house. This is before I knew that she was so afraid of them. I said well get it out and then she mentioned that she didn't like cats and thought that it would scratch her. This is something that happened when she was a teenager back in the day.

While I knew for her it was serious, but to myself I literally was cracking up on the inside. I was at a remote that was a gas promotion where all hands were on deck pumping gas for listeners at the time, so I couldn't leave. Finally after back and forth conversations. Our neighbor was coming home and actually got the cat out of the house. I still don't let my wife forget about it til this day. We often laugh, but even now if she comes home and a cat is close in the vicinity. She will literally sit in her car until it passes. I love cats and haven't had one since I was younger, but at least with them. You know what you are getting. Most cats will let you know when they want affection or when they are tired of you. You just have to know how to read them if you want to have a good relationship with them.



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