One thing about Lake Charles is the lifestyle we have here. There is a culture like no other. Whether it's drive-thru daiquiris, crawfish boils, or just a relaxing time while fishing, you can always find something to do to occupy your time and have fun.

This weekend, Louisiana residents can fish without a license. This is all a part of the Free Fishing weekend. It's going on this weekend, kicking off tomorrow and going through Sunday. This is something done yearly as an incentive to get families and friends to go outside a little and enjoy some of the great weather we have to offer.

All fishing regulations, which include size, season, catch limits, and gear restrictions will still be in effect. I haven't fished since I was a child, but I may have to take this up myself for a little relaxation this weekend. If you decide to participate, make sure you and yours are safe while fishing this weekend.

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