In his new joint ‘I Won‘, Future teams-up with Kanye West to brag about catching two of the baddest chick’s in Hollywood.  Now the two Hip Hop superstars are giving fans a chance to catch a virtual 'trophy wife' of their own in the new ‘I Won‘ video game. 

Future-photo by Mike Windle via Getty Images

I guess every man would like or feels they have a 'trophy wife', but just in case you don't...Future and Kanye West have found a way to change that.  The two team-up for Future hit 'I Won' and in doing so, created a virtual world where every man can have his own 'trophy wife'.  Here's a sneak peak.

Gamers everywhere will have fun with this one, as the object of the game is to toss chains onto bikini-clad women and then zap them into actual trophies, and all from the comfort of a beach chair.  The way to win?  Listen to Tha Wire below to find out.

By the way, this isn’t the first time Future has transformed one of his songs into a video game.  Earlier this year, he did it with his hit ‘Move That Dope‘ which allowed the gamer, to do just that. Nice!  SMH

(Photo by Daniel Zuchnik/Getty Images)

Finally, in an update singer/producer The-Dream turned himself in to New York City police yesterday morning (May 7) for allegedly assaulting his ex-girlfriend Lydia Nam.  TMZ reports, Dream has been charged with assault, as well as strangulation, and unfortunately enough for him, both are felonies.  In addition the R&B singer was charged with three misdemeanors to include: reckless endangerment, assault and child endangerment since Nam was pregnant with his child at the time of the alleged incident.

As previously reported by The Boombox , the NYPD was investigating reports that Dream hit, kicked and choked Nam in domestic dispute last year (2013).  The charges are emerging now because Nam didn’t notify authorities until seven months later.  Also reported, this is the second time police were called out to deal with a violent altercation between the two.

Get more details on what went down the first time the two bumps heads and learn where The Dream stands now.  Plus, find out what celebs are celebrating birthdays today.  Press play to hear Tha Wire now.