As SWLA continues to back one of our favorite meteorologists during his fight against cancer for the second time, more and more of the community shows their support for him and the overall fight against this stupid disease. I can tell you firsthand that support from even perfect strangers is amazing to feel. It has a way of isolating you and making you feel totally alone in your own mind. As we get ready to help the legendary "change the channel" man himself this weekend at the Burton Coliseum, Luna Bar and Grill has come up with a way we can all help plus catch a little buzz at the same time!

It's called the "Ben Terry". It may look just like a typical Tequila Sunrise, but Luna assures us that it packs way more punch than that! Luna posted the drink just a day ago and describes it as "not your typical Tequila Sunrise". They took it up a notch with tequila, triple sec, lime juice, mango puree, OJ, and strawberry puree!

When you order the "Ben Terry" from Luna, they will donate a dollar to the Friends of Ben Terry fund. Luna will be donating the entire month of June to the fund, and it seems like a really good excuse to drink. Personally, my liver and kidneys just came back online so I think it's time to put them to the test with this little beverage. I mean, it helps a fellow cancer buddy. Makes sense right?

Smoke and Barrel
Smoke and Barrel

If you are not a drinker, don't forget about the benefit happening this weekend at the Burton Coliseum this Saturday. Full entertainment and activity line-up is also on our website. We hope to see you out there!

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