Today I had a chance to meet the artist and businesswoman Bankz from Houston Texas. I did an interview with her today, and we also talked about her start and being able to talk about her career, along with other ventures that she has going on in her life. She's the owner and CEO of Rapture Recordz and has had the label since 2005. She has helped other artist get their start and has worked with many H town vets like Bun B, and more.

I also found out that she has a nonprofit organization where she helps to feed the homeless in her community with 'Bless The Belly' and is looking to expand the brand to help out other organizations in various cities as well. But that is not all, she also owns a trucking company called Bankz Transportation and a Dispensary called Herbal Assets. In other words, she is a boss in every sense of the word. She is currently working on her latest single featuring producer DJ. Chose called 'Assets' while the video is still being worked on. Here is a quick sample of the song and a glimpse of some lovely ladies giving their all.

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