Now I am a fan of the Wu Tang Clan especially Method Man and Ghostface Killah. But I think that this clip may be going a little over board. This could also be a way for him to keep the drama down and try to avoid having any issues. There have been times where the Clan had issues with the law so doing this video was actually pretty education and came out kinda positive.

Ghostface actually recorded a video where he speaks on his supposed beef with  who spent 2 million dollars on the Wu Tang Clan album after contributing to raising the price on the medicine for AID's patients. While this is tragic in itself. I am glad that Ghostface is speaking on this and trying to talk some since to this guy here. Check out the video below.

Ghostface Killa speaks to Martin Shkreli:

While the clip had a little humor in there. I think we get the message loud and clear. Someone needs to talk to this kid who appears to be a spoiled brat. While I do understand that medicine is occasionally high especially with medical expenses and other things, but I think we need more help. Thanks to Ghostface for coming clutch and actually not talking taking it to the streets.

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