Ghostface Killah and his girlfriend Kelsey Nykole will appear in the fourth season of VH1′s ‘Couples Therapy’ in hopes to hash out their issues. 

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The reality show gets pretty personal and takes viewers on an all-access look into the lives of celebrity couples dealing with rocky relationships.  Dr. Jenn Berman, who’s known for her call-in radio program, ‘The Love & Sex Show with Dr. Jenn,’ returns as the therapist and host of the series.

If you’re interested in catching all the drama listen to Tha Wire below for all the details.

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In other news, just in time for the holidays Nicki Minaj is droppin a deluxe edition of her Pink Friday perfume. According to Macy’s website, the must-have fragrance has “an estimated value of $1,000,” but thankfully fans will only have to pay a $75 retail price for the bottle of smell good.

Of course the original bottle featured a white silhouette of the singer complete with her signature pink wig.  To switch things up, the deluxe edition gets a remix with a gold bust and black wig.

The Cash Money diva recently posted a photo of the limited edition bottle on her Instagram page.  Whatcha think?  In the meantime, Nicki’ Pink Friday Deluxe will hit Macy’s on the East Coast Dec. 2 and nationally Dec. 16.

In addition to her perfume, Nicki’s K-Mart collection should be in stores now.  Find out more about Nicki’s new line and get the skinny on when she’s gonna drop her new album Black Friday.  It’s all inside Tha Wire.

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Finally, Hip Hop icon Nas is trying his hand in the film business.  The rapper signed on to be the executive producer of a new hip-hop documentary, ‘Shake the Dust.’  The film is co-produced by ‘The Butler’ director Lee Daniels and explores hip-hop as a global culture and demonstrates how it has ignited social change in different parts of the world.  But here’s a look at the trailer so you can get idea of what you can expect.

Meanwhile, word has it Nas will also contribute to the movie’s soundtrack.  As for a release date for the doc, there isn't one just yet.  Listen to Tha Wire below for even more details.