The People's Station 107 Jamz has always tried to bring the most current and pressing information to our listeners. With the latest outbreak of COVID-19, we are making sure that we reach out to our local officials and those on the front lines to get answers and responses needed pertaining to the coronavirus.

While we understand that many of them are busy and trying their best to make sure their families are safe and protected as well, they have not hesitated in reaching out to us to address issues and offer solace for our local citizens to ease their minds when it comes to the current pandemic.

The Midday Diva, Gina Cook, had the chance to interview Mayor Nic Hunter via telephone and asked some very necessary questions on how we should all adhere to the guidelines put in place by Governor John Bel Edwards. Check out the interview below and make sure you listen daily and download our app for around-the-clock coverage.

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