If you've been having cabin fever after not being able to go out, I may have some good news for you. Gladys Knight was scheduled to come to the Golden Nugget in November 2020, but the show was canceled. However, it has now been officially rescheduled for Saturday June 12.

The show will be inside the Grand Event Center at 8:00pm. Make sure to check out the Golden Nugget's page for more details as far as COVID-19 restrictions.

I am excited things are slowly moving back to normal. I was talking to my wife about the last time we actually had a reason to dress up, and it seems like this could be a good reason to do so.

Make sure you get your tickets in advance, as I am sure the seating will be a little different than before. I hope they decide to bring JB Smoove back. I had just done an interview with him for a show last year that was also canceled due to the pandemic.

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