Da Truth is a powerful artist who has worked with Kirk Franklin and so many more withing the realm of great music. While he has  been out of the spotlight for a few years. He is back after a few years with a brand new album that will be dropping next month.


The new album called "It's Complicated Volume 1" is going to be hitting Itunes on Friday May 13th which should bring some good luck to the listeners and fans all over. It is great ti see that he is back on the scene and touching on subjects that alot of other artist in the Christian faith don't like to tackle. He speaks the purpose of religion and more. Check out the first single from the album with the video below.


DA T.R.U.T.H- "Religion":


Da Truth has been around for awhile and I think it's safe to say that he is not going anywhere. Make sure you pick up the new release when it drops and go down memory lane with some of his throwback hits from back in the day.


Da TRUTH- "Gray Music Video":



Da Truth- "Hope":

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