Gov. John Bel Edwards has declared a state of emergency in Louisiana as the state prepares for potential impacts from Hurricane Harvey.

Extensive rainfall is the major concern as the storm is expected to linger and possibly turn towards Louisiana next week. Edwards says citizens need to prepare as well.

"Individuals should try to have on hand enough food and other essentials to where they could go for up to 72 hours without having to rely on any government assistance."

Edwards says this is a serious storm that everyone should take seriously.

Edwards says the biggest concern is in southwest Louisiana, where the most rainfall will happen and the greatest storm surge affects will occur, but the entire state could see high rainfall totals. He says the National Guard has over a half million sandbags available and agencies are ready to conduct water rescues.

"That National Guard, as well as, Wildlife and Fisheries and the Fire Marshal's Office have inventoried, made ready, and are prepositiong boats and also high water vehicles are being prepositioned by the National Guard."

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