Hundreds of Louisiana volunteers, who make up the Cajun Navy, are assisting first responders conduct search and rescue efforts in Texas.

Governor John Bel Edwards says the state is working with the Cajun Navy to coordinate efforts. He says they are not regulating the volunteer citizens, but want to ensure rescuers are organized with Texas authorities.

“So that they didn’t just show in Texas at a place that wasn’t expecting them and so that they could get the best routes into Texas.”

Edwards says he’s spoken directly with members of the Cajun Navy. He says the biggest concern for the volunteers on their personal boats is refueling, so the state is helping with that effort when they arrive at the Texas border.

“We’re actually going to do that through a fuel truck that will be made available through the Department of Agriculture and Forestry.”

Edwards says being in the same position a year ago, we all understand the importance of the Cajun Navy and appreciate their help.

“Their services are invaluable with the rescues that they’ve been making and I can tell you that the folks in Texas, both the government officials and the individuals, are very, very thankful for them being there.”

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