There is alot of bad music out there in my opinion. Although everyone is talented in their own way, it's like having a one size fit all. Unfortunately it doesn't fit all, not you or me. This is the way music has become and although some are trying to take it back to the way it was, many have failed. Let me introduce to you a new smooth r&b singer, Noel Gourdin. From the looks of it, he is on his way to bringing the classic soul sound back to the forefront.

Noel Gourdin was born in Boston Massachusetts, and came on the scene back in 2011. He released a song called "The River", which Steve Harvey really got behind and played several times in the morning. The song had a really classic sound and brought back the style of Sam Cooke and other timeless singers from back in the day. He also released a single "Beautiful" that really complimented women, and showed them that they did not have to accept being disrespected in any shape, form or fashion. Well he is back with his latest effort called "City Heart, Southern Soul". From the beginning to the end, he is on top of his game. The first two releases "Foxxy" and "Heaven Knows" are sure to tug at the emotion string when you hear them. If you do not have this album make sure you get your copy today, you will not be disappointed. For more details about Noel, check out his official Facebook page!

Noel Gourdin- "Heaven Knows"

Noel Gourdin-"The River"

Noel Gourdin-"Beautiful"

Getty Images/Scott Olson