If you shop at Walmart and purchase their Great Value Walnut Chopped resealable 4oz pouches, do not consume the contents until you check to see if your bag is part of a recall. According to popcurlture.com, on August 23, 2022, South Georgia Pecan Co. issued a recall on their Great Value brand Walnut Chopped pouches because they discovered a labeling error that could pose a health risk to consumers with mild to severe allergies to pecans.

Of course, if you have no allergies and like to chow down on pecans enjoy! The good is that the recalled batch was not distributed across the country. They were shipped between August 8, 2022, and August 16, 2022, to various Walmart stores located throughout Florida, North Carolina, and South Carolina. So, if you haven't traveled to any of these states last month or didn't buy the popular walnut snack you are good to go.


Apparently, the company made a mistake during the labeling process and there is a possibility that some walnut chopped pouches actually contain chopped pecans. Walmart consumers who are allergic to pecans, and this Great Value product may cause a life-threatening reaction. The U.S. Drug and Food Administration (USDA) said there is a way for consumers to identify whether or not their walnut snack by Great Value is part of the recall.

If you bought the 4oz pouch in question in any of the states listed above and, have an allergy to pecans the FDA advises you to look at the product label and if it reads: Lot #29329 Best If Used By April 29, 2023. You more than likely have a pouch of pecans, not walnuts and your purchase has been recalled. Simply return the item to the store of purchase to get a full refund or throw it away. Consumers with questions can call Customer Services at 1-800-627-6630 Monday – Friday 8:00 am – 5:00 pm ET.

FYI - A person can be allergic to pecans and no other nut and vice versa. Many people think that an allergic reaction to one type of tree nut means all nuts are off-limits. Turns out, that is not true. For more info, go to foodallergiesatlanta.

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