The Gremlins franchises only ever got two movies — 1984’s Gremlins and 1990’s Gremlins 2: The New Batch — but now the franchise could get its first animated series.

Deadline reports that Warner Bros. is developing a Gremlins cartoon for WarnerMedia’s upcoming streaming service. Rather than picking up the story after the original films, this show would be set before Gizmo, the adorable “mogwai” that breeds living hellbeasts when it gets wet and then fed after midnight, wound up with Billy and Kate:

The potential series would be a prequel and follow Mr. Wing, the Chinese grandfather played in the films by Keye Luke, as a young man as he goes on adventures with the friendly Mogwai Gizmo. Warner Bros. TV and Amblin TV, would co-produce. Warner and Amblin produced the films on which the show would be based.

The show is being written and produced by Tze Chun, who previously worked on Gotham.

Gremlins is one of those iconic ’80s series that it’s kind of surprising they haven’t done more with yet. There aren’t too many other pop culture objects from that time that are as beloved as Gremlins that haven’t been resurrected yet, particularly one as toy-friendly as this one. The owners of Gremlins have sold a lot of Gizmo dolls without the help of any new Gremlins content for years. A new show brings a whole new generation of fans. And it could be the kind of famous property you could anchor a new streaming service around too.

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