Just because you see people in stores, restaurants and other places NOT wearing a mask, doesn't mean they are doing the right thing. More and more businesses are opening, but the coronavirus hasn't gone anywhere. It is important for us all to remember that elected officials, are just that. The world is dealing with a lethal health pandemic and the only advice we should be paying attention to is that of the doctors and scientist tracking and studying it.

The COVID-19 virus is just as deadly as it was, when we first discovered it. Washing your hands with soap and water often, practicing social distancing and wearing a mask are essential in saving lives. The CDC issued a fact sheet and gives extensive detail on how to protect yourself against the COVID-19 disease:

#1. - The coronavirus does not discriminate.

#2. - It is a highly contagious, spread by person-person contact.

#3. - It is deadly and claimed the lives of tens of thousands and counting.

#4. There is no cure

#5. EVERYONE...is at risk.

The Mayo Clinic released a study, led by the CDC, that proves face masks help stop the spread of the coronavirus. Just as a seat belt helps to save lives in a car accident, or a helmet protects your head while riding a motorcycle or bicycle. The mask stops the That is why Governor John Bel Edwards reminds Louisianians to wear their mask, while out in public where there is a large group of people.

Be smart. Protect yourself. Most of the country opened in various forms on May 15, 2020. Since then the southern part of the U.S. in particular, are seeing thousands of NEW CASES.

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