With masks seeming to become the latest fashion for us to be able to socialize in the real world again, I was surprised when our engineer here at the station, Jon O, surprised us all with new face masks to represent the brands we work for.

The courteous thing to do is to wear a mask not only for yourself but to protect those around you. Obviously, when you're going out, we like to coordinate when it comes to things that we wear, and I am starting to collect masks to go with the attire I will be rocking once I start moving around again.

This is the new wave and many companies are riding high on the new popularity of the face mask. There are even those with personality traits which describe some people's persona and attitude. We don't know how long this is going to last with the COVID-19 pandemic, but what is known is that this is going to be the new norm. So if that means we have to wear masks in order to be in compliance with how things are going to be, why not make it fashionable and maintain our safety at the same time?

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