It's been a minute since 35-year old Charles Williamson better known as Guerilla Black has been on the music scene with anything new. 


He shot to the top in 2004 when he dropped "Guerilla City" and a few hits like "Compton" Featuring Beanie Man and "You're The One" Featuring Mario Winans.  If your a gamer you probably know Guerilla Black has also contributed both his music and lent his voice to the character Dupree in the Playstation 2 video game and 187 Ride or Die.

These days things aren't looking to good for him, that is if reports are right.  According to recent news the rapper was arrested for credit card fraud.  Find out more now with Tha Wire.  Scroll down and press play.


Meanwhile, Rick Ross, his sister and manager are facing a $2 million dollar lawsuit.  The lawsuit was filled by a U.K.-based company organized to do business in Nigeria.  The company claims the Mabach Music Group boss stood them up and kept their money.  Get all the details now.


In more news, Kendrick Lamar is currently sitting on the most highly anticipated album of the year right now.  The first single "Recipe" got rave reviews and now he's hoping two's a charm with the release of his second "Swimming Pools (Drank)".  Here it is just in case you haven't heard it yet.




I got the title and release date on his new album, press play to here more.  Also, don't forget beings that it's "new release Tuesday", that Nas dropped his new album "Life Is Good" and Frank Ocean dropped his "Channel Orange" today.

Here's Tha Wire: 



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