Despite the pleas, thousands protesting, e-mails, tweets and countless other efforts to save his life, Troy Davis was executed last night.  Was he innocent?  Davis was on death row for allegedly murdering off duty police officer, Mark MacPhail, who was working as a security guard attempting to aid a homeless man.  Did they have the right guy all along?  Another man has come forward and confessed that HE was the killer not Davis.

He would never be takin seriously or questioned.  Mr. Davis is believed to have bashed the victim in the head with a handgun in 1989.  Ever since his conviction, he has professed his innocence.  Nine witnesses put Davis at the scene of the crime originally, but 7 of them have since recanted their statements.  Several of them say they were pressured to point the finger at Davis and at least one admitted that they never seen anything.  According to reports there is no DNA evidence placing him at the crime and he was refused a polygraph test.

Leading up to his execution, Davis was supposed to be put to death at 7pm but when

he wasn't it gave false hope to the thousands of supporters who were pleaded for his life.  However, the United States Supreme Court denied the appeal and Davis was later strapped to a gurney and given a lethal injection.  Troy Davis was pronounced dead at 11:08pm eastern time.

Thousands of supporters such as the Pope and President Jimmy Carter, as well as the Hip-Hop community have rallied around him in support.  Rappers like Big Boi and Killer Mike were both on hand as protestors attempting to have his execution delayed.  Big Boi took to Twitter writing, "You can't beat Jesus Christ, he got granted a stay!!!!!!!!!!  Chuck D told his followers "Your nation again at it's historical work.  A life held within the hands of a very few WTF?"

A multitude of messages on Twitter used the hash tags #TroyDavis and flooded the Jackson DA's Office, Georgia Judge Penny Freezeman's Office and the U.S. Attorney General's Office with phone calls and emails to beg for a stay on the execution.  In the end, he was still executed.