Could you imagine walking out onto your porch at sunset the day after a hard rain and NOT being swarmed by mosquitoes?  Sounds like science fiction, doesn't it?  Well, these scientists think they make it science fact.

It turns out that the reason mosquitoes are so pesky is that they can track you like a heat-seeking missile. They can literally smell your breath (or at least the carbon dioxide in it) and use it to find you as far as a football field away.

So this company, called Kite, has developed a small patch that you can wear on your clothing, and they claim it can completely mask you.  In other words, it jams a mosquito's radar.  Just pop on a patch, and BAM -- you're invisible to mosquitoes.

Or so they claim.  The company is looking for $75,000 in donations to finish development of the Kite Patch so they can start testing it in Africa.  You think mosquitoes are bad here in Southwest Louisiana?  In Africa, mosquito-carried malaria is still a major killer.  If they can make it work there, it'll be nothing to keep your evening barbecue mosquito-free out in Gillis.  The guys at have a great story on how it all works.

Of course, something that sounds too good to be true often is -- but, if it works as well as they claim, this could be the end of sticky sprays and citronella candles.  I'd be willing to wear a patch on my T-shirt even if it works only half as well as they claim. I'm digging in my sofa cushions to find money to donate!

What do you think?  Worth a try?  Or a pipe dream?