Yesterday, AT&T announced that some of their U.S. customers were experiencing outages.

According to CNET, the website, which monitors cell phone outages in real time, reported that the outages spanned from California to Florida, and also in New York.

"If you've experienced an issue when making wireless calls, please restart your device, this might be required multiple times- that should resolve the issue," an AT&T Spokesperson said.

Engadget is reporting that rebooting your phone, in fact, has cleared the issue for most.  However, some AT&T customers had to restart their phone several times for the problem to clear.

When the outages first began, it was thought to only be an iPhone issue. However, that was not the case, as later reports also show Androids having issues making wireless calls.

AppleInsider reported that older iPhones that are working on the 3G network did not have any issues, and that WiFi calling still worked fine on phones that did have issues with service.

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