We lost a voice who was known by many October 4th, 2007. The man behind the voice was Big Moe. While he was known by many in his hometown of Houston. He spread all through the world with his hits "Barre Baby", "Purple Stuff" and "Just A Dog".

The first time I heard him I was living in Tuscaloosa, Alabama and everyone was playing "Barre Baby". He had a unique style because even though he sung, he was also lyrical and run with the best of them.

When his presence was silenced it was a blow to many of us in the music community. I remember talking with him in the 107 Jamz studio and I remember him being a funny charismatic guy who was quick with the word play and knew that he was a big influence in the Houston culture.

Well today his music returns with a new single called "I Like Barre Baby". This time the feature is a legend D- Gotti and new comer Yella Beezy. When I first heard the song. It took be back to the nineties and made me feel good knowing that Big Moe is back. I'll be playing it today at around 4:20 pm. You can listen live on the radio or on the 107 Jamz app. Make sure you turn me up today and listen.


Big Moe- "Mann":

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