3CTV is truly that channel that gives flowers due to those who are in the music world for the south. They have already honored DJ Jubilee, DJ Screw, Producer N.O. Joe and this Sunday be prepared to find out more about the Wreckshop sound. This was another major label from the south that initially transpired from residents from Beaumont who migrated to Houston and created a wave of Hip Hop artists.

This Sunday night get prepared to watch the story of Derrick "D- Reck" Dixon one of the founders of the label who introduced the world to many greats from Houston including Fat Pat and Big Moe. Check out the trailer for the upcoming show this Sunday Night.

I am excited about the upcoming show but also for those who may need a refresher course, check out a few classic videos from 2 artists who unfortunately passed away too soon, Big Moe and Fat Pat who still have influence over so many artists today from Houston and beyond.

A few years ago we heard about the resurgence of Wreckshop Records and they released a song that has been sitting in the vault from Big Moe and was produced by another 3rd Coast Hall of Famer N.O. Joe. Check out the "Bar Yar Yar".

Be on the lookout for more artist and other entertainers that will be featured and coming soon on 3CTV.

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