This Friday I can't honestly contain my excitement as Halloween Kills will be dropping all over the world. This is the second in the 3 installment series from movie director David Gordan who really revitalized the series in 2018. This one will be shown in the theaters, but also on Peacock as well for those who are still not certain about going back to the movies in person.

With the news of the latest in the series. I wanted to drop my top 10 Halloween movies of all time. While I am a fan of Freddy Krueger and Jason Vorhees, it is something truly mystic and honestly scary about Michael Myers. So here we go with my personal top 10 favorites in no particular order.

Halloween (1978)

I was only 5 years old when this was released and didn't see it until several years later. But this movie had me truly scared to sleep at night. This was the introduction of the young kid who would terrorize the small quaint city of Haddonfield, Illinois. Who knew that this would initiate the beginning of a nightmare for generations to come.

Halloween II (1981)

After Michael fell from the balcony after being shot by Laurie Strode, and we didn't see the body. I knew the drama was not over. Part 2 picked up right where things left off and again Michael continued his killing spree even following Laurie to the hospital and causing havoc there.

While Halloween 3 (1982)was released in a major theatrical release. I have never seen a movie move so far from the original theme. This movie had absolutely nothing to do with Michael Myers and I refuse to give it any more attention than that.

Halloween 4 (1988)

The company behind Halloween realized its mistake with trying to veer away from the original and brought Michael Myers back for the fourth installment. However, this time they changed the story a little and followed the daughter of Laurie Strode, the niece of Michael Myers. While it didn't receive a lot of great praise from the critics, the movie brought Michael back to the forefront and there is where he has been since.

Halloween 5 (1989)

I would hate to say that making this one was potentially a money grab. But I don't know what else to say about the fifth installment. For fans of Michael Myers, it was great to see him again, but there was simply a lot of disconnect with the storyline. This apparently came as one of the executives behind the series was rushing them to finish the movie on a half-done script. The final results show all of that and more.

Halloween: The Curse Of Michael Myers (1995)

This movie was the last to feature Donald Pleasance who played the role of Dr. Loomis who treated and followed Michael Myers over the past few years. He passed away 8 months before the film was released. Again some may say it wasn't a success, but making 15 million on a $5 million dollar budget is not too bad. It would continue to follow Michael Myers terrorizing the Strode family and showing an even more mythical side of Myers.

Halloween H20 (1998): This movie brought back Laurie Strode who now had a son and had basically created a life away from the nightmare of Michael Myers. The movie brought in LL Cool J as a security guard on the school campus and also showed what seem to be a little more of an angrier Michael.

Halloween Resurrection (2002): While I liked the way they tried to modernize it with the new world of reality television adding Tyra Banks and Busta Rhymes didn't cut it as they expected. It's something about visualizing Michael Myers on reality tv that basically killed the storyline for me. While I won't say that I hated it. They could have left this one in the writing room.

Now let's get to the final 3 movies as the next 2 came from musician turned movie director Rob Zombie. If you follow Rob at all, you would know that his movies are gory and are full of violence. That is exactly what we got with the apparent reboot of "Halloween" and "Halloween 2".

Halloween (2007)

Straight out the gate, I was excited about this one just because I knew Rob's background. This was truly a return and did not disappoint. Sure it was more gruesome than many of the other ones. It was a good movie nonetheless and in my eyes redeemed the curse of Halloween.

Halloween 2 (2009) I heard that Rob didn't want to do this one for whatever reason and while It was good, you can tell. There were kills that probably shouldn't have happened and it seemed like the storyline swayed a little as well. Not bad for the sequel, but I figured Rob Zombies' time was up after this one but it is still a good watch.

Halloween (2018) This was a nice switch from some of the others. There was actually humor in this one but not so much that it takes away for the iconic Michael Myers brand. It brought back Laurie Strode with her daughter and granddaughter who had a very estranged relationship. While it told the story of what happened to them, it also reintroduced to many and introduced to some Michael Myers. I truly think this movie did so well because during this time, there weren't many good Horror movies out there and this one took the cake.

When I heard that they were coming out with "Halloween Kills" and the return. I was ready and this weekend is going to be box office heaven for many. I will surely be in line and expect that this movie is going to really contribute to some great box-office numbers into the normalcy that we once had.




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