One thing that we all have to deal with when it comes to flooding here in Southwest Louisiana is the aftermath. I believe everyone has it in the bag for the most part when it comes to getting ready for the storms and flooding in the area, but what do you do in preparation of after the storm?

According toe Allergy and there are six tips that we should all be looking to do if we were to get affected by Flooding in our homes or even businesses.

1.)Safety First- Even if you have to leave your home due to flooding, make sure that you move as safely as possible. Also once you return home make sure that you unplug an items that may cause harm to you if they were on. You may want to wear plastic gloves and boots if possible to keep from being affected by the mold or mildew built up from the water.

2.) Remove water from the home- If at all possible try to remove the water from your home. Find out where the source is that the water is coming from and try your best to put a stop to it. Once you can do that if at all possible try to start removing the water from the home.

3.) Drying Out Your Home- Use air conditioners and floor fans or wall fans to dry things off. Also use dehumidifiers as well as they are known to remove excess moisture from the air. This is very important to alleviate more water damage then you already have.

4.) Contact your Insurance Company- This is very important to do. You may want to check as much damage as you can do on your own to see what has been damaged and lost during the floods. Another great thing to do before you leave is take plenty of pictures of important things in your home.

5.) Begin Cleaning Up- This is important to do once you have made the call to your insurance company and dried things out. If you can handle this responsibility on your own then start cleaning up. If this is going to be to big of a task consider looking for a cleaning company to take care of the brunt of the work for you.

6.) Repairs- We all love to hold on to things that we have had for a long time and I am sure that this time will be no different. But what you need to do as soon as all is finished is look at what can start being repaired. If you don't know what is salvageable then you may consider looking for a company that specializes in these things and you would

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