After 16 seasons in the NBA, Dwyane Wade ends a Hall of Fame-worthy career tonight—a career that includes three championship rings, Finals MVP honors, 13 All-Star game appearances, two scoring titles and dozens of lyrical shout-outs from some of the game’s most popular rappers, including Jay-Z, Kanye West, and Kendrick Lamar.

Over the last decade and a half, very few NBA players have had as much impact on the game as the man they call Flash, who many consider to be an all-time top five player at his position. The Miami Heat on-court exploits have also put him near the top of the list when it comes to being name-dropped on wax, an achievement most modern-day athletes hold in high regard.

The Chicago native and Miami Heat star was sent off in style on Tuesday (April 9) in his final home game, after which he reflected on his NBA tenure. "It's meant everything," Wade said in the post-game interview. "To be able to come [to Miami] and be embraced, to find a home, to be able to grow. I think that's the one thing. When I was on the court early on and Stan [Van Gundy] let me grow, as a player, to whether it was mistakes I made in life to whatever it was, this city has allowed me to grow. I hope they are proud of what they have helped me become."

In honor of D. Wade leaving the game for good after an illustrious basketball career, XXL compiles a list of some of rappers’ best lyrical name-drops of the NBA great.

  • “Blood Sport (Freestyle)”

    Kendrick Lamar

    “I am Dwyane Wade of recording/You more like Kobe Bryant with no endorsements”

  • “Empire State of Mind”


    “Me? I gotta plug Special Ed, 'I Got It Made'/If Jeezy's payin' LeBron, I'm payin' Dwyane Wade”

  • "Believe It"

    Meek Mill featuring Rick Ross

    “I ball hard like LeBron James/And Rozay D. Wade nigga” – Meek Mill

  • “I Don’t Like the Look of It”

    Lil Wayne

    “You could catch me courtside in Dywane Wade house/With a high yellow thick bitch wit' her legs out”

  • “Want Some More”

    Nicki Minaj

    “They want that union, they want that D. Wade/I tell a ho just be happy they getting leeway”

  • "The Glory"

    Kanye West

    “It two years, Dwayne Wayne became Dwyane Wade”

  • "Elementary"

    Lil Pump

    “I been serving bricks since like the first grade/I been counting bands, balling like I'm D. Wade”

  • "Blue Sky"


    “Open my eyes, yes sir this is what I'm made for/To go hard in the paint like D. Wade or D. Rose”

  • "First Off"


    “Yeah, I'm back on the Forbes, shit crazy (Yeah)/I make more than Dwyane Wade, baby (Pop it, pop it)”

  • "Gotta Have It"

    Jay-Z and Kanye West

    “And last party we had, they shut down Prive/Ain’t that where the Heat play? (Yeah)/Niggas hate ballas these days (Yeah)Ain’t that like Lebron James?/Ain’t that just like D. Wade? Wait”

  • “CoCo (Remix)”

    Montana of 300

    “40 cal under the passenger seat/Like D. Wade, since day one been riding with the heat”

  • “OG Bobby Johnson (Remix)”

    Wiz Khalifa

    “Ooh hey, word on the streets, Khalifa's a beast/Shit, 'bout to go D. Wade, hit 'em with the heat”

  • "Rewind"

    Fetty Wap

    “You could be Gina and I will be Martin/And you can be Gabrielle and I’ll be Dwyane Wade/I know you very well and we want the same thing”

  • "Death Comes in 3s"


    “Get my nut then fade to black, Damier the greater black/On the road we got the heat just imagine D. Wade in black”

  • "Green Gucci Suit"

    Rick Ross

    “Look, here shawty if you wanna ball (woo)/In my D. Wade jersey so who wanna war”

  • "Up in Here"

    Kodak Black

    “I make that pussy feelin' like it's mac n' cheese/Like Dwyane Wade, I be packin' heat”

  • "Posted"

    Pac Div

    “Posted, in the cut, low pro, Nate Robinson/Ballin, D. Wade, Chris Paul, A.I., and I'm hoopin” —Like

  • "Sideways (2K Remix)"

    CyHi The Prynce

    “In the gym but it's not the ‘nastic/D. Wade shit, got to flash it”

  • "My Block Hot"

    Rowdy Rebel

    “Catch a fuck nigga slippin', run up on then wait/They don't want me, Allen or D. Wade”

  • "Bodies"

    Juelz Santana

    “Swept up with that broom nigga, hit his ass with that T-Pain/That auto'll tune niggas, that Heat with me like D. Wade”

  • "Choices"

    Asher Roth

    "'Til some overrated lames in the game got in the way/I'ma have to take it over, James and D. Wade”

  • "Burn (Remix)"

    The Game

    “Poppin’ bottle like I’m D. Wade/Tell them bring me like three Spades”

  • "CDC"

    Dom Kennedy featuring Casey Veggies

    “If you gone put me on this, you know I number three on this/That's Dwyane Wade boy you better put some D on this” —Dom Kennedy

  • "Laxin'"

    Hodgy featuring Tyler The Creator

    “Look nice, but act ghetto without the clean fade/M-V-P me like D. Wade” —Hodgy

  • "Stay Schemin' (Freestyle)"

    Shy Glizzy

    “The sun shining these niggas looking for shade/Streets hottest youngin got more heat than D. Wade”

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