This is probably not the most expensive home in Lake Charles, LA but it is certainly an outstanding example of craftsmanship with an extraordinary history. The historic property is currently listed on Zillow for whopping $3.25 million. That's a big price tag but wait until you see what comes with that price.

There is no doubt that this Big Lake mansion is going to make the ultimate dreamhome for a potential buyer. This place has more amenities than a luxury hotel. The Southern Greek Revival was built 131 years ago in Downtown Lake Charles, Amazingly, it was Initially built on Ford Street in 1892. Then sometime in the 80s the entire three-story home was taken apart, piece by piece, and moved, clear across town to its present location in Big Lake.

What's crazy is, I used to live on Lawrence Street which was a couple of blocks away from where this house used to be. I remember the house being taken apart too! I always wondered why on earth they tore it down. Now I know! According to the description on Zillow, by 1986 the home was completely put back together in Big Lake at its new address.

Today it sits in the middle of a secluded grove of 100-year-old live oaks. Many of the old trees are listed on the historic registry.  The century-old property also happens to be less than a mile away from Calcasieu Lake and situated on 30 acres of land!

That's just scratching the surface when it comes to the long list of amenities that come with this magnificent piece of SWLA history. If you have an extra $3.25 million, you're gonna get a lot of bang for your dollar! Wanna take a walk-through? Call Realtor Larry Turner (337) 540-1916 or send him an email at to request a tour.

In the meantime, here's a virtual sneak peek. Feast your eyes!

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