Here we go again. After just seeing a video of a young lady in Atlanta being kicked in the head by an ATL Police Officer. Now comes another shocking but not surprising video. The video was shared from Trae The Truth's instagram page and it showed a very sickening and disturbing video. The video shows several officers striking a civilian and from the looks of it. They are truly not following the law and are truly showing the ugly side of the law. This is when we ask the good police officers that we hear so much about to come out and turn the bad ones in.

Even here in Lake Charles I am friends with many police officers. I have also had dialogue with detectives who have given me insight on how we could possibly diffuse the situation if we encounter a police officer. He mentioned to follow the commands of the police officer. If we are asked to show our license, we are expected to do so. If they are asking questions, it is not suggested that we get on the defense or make sudden moves. While I understand that sure the police officers are trying to get back to their families just like we are.

Yet there should be some major training that will help to deal better with the people they are suppose to be protecting. I don't know the full story of the video below but I am confident that Trae The Truth is going to rally up the right people who can help bring this to light. Maybe I am doing my part from sharing the video as well. Again the video is disturbing, but we need to be these and other bad officers to justice. They are paid by the hard working people in their cities and abusing their power by abusing us is not the way they are going to earn that respect.

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We need justice and truly I feel like there should be more things to be put in place that could create the trust that is needed. When I was younger, I remember being told that if I ever got lost to go and find the nearest police officer. I can't say that I would feel safe telling my grandkids that in the future. If you are taking to oath to protect and serve. This is something that should be taken to heart and we really need to make things better for everyone regardless of your race or gender.


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