Well people it's Valentines Day weekend and most men in the world are scrambling to find that last minute gift for that special lady in there lives. Some of the cutest things I have seen is when the dads surprise their daughters with a nice teddy bear and candy. While Valentines Day is just one day. We love to see our special lady happy and if you are like me, there are no limits to what you would do to accomplish that feat.


But how and where did Valentines Day originate? I have always wondered that especially when there is a little character named Cupid who we all are familiar with. And no I am not talking about my good buddy Cupid the singer. So check out this little clip that I found on the initiation of Valentines Day and how it all started.

Find out the origins behind Valentines Day:

This is all very interesting. But 20 Billion dollars on one day. That is pretty out there if you ask me. All I can say is this weekend is very special for the ladies, so treat them right and show them love. Also keep in mind that you should show love all year, so it doesn't look like you are trying to make up for something.


Brian Mcknight- "Anytime":

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