H&M to Close Over 250 Stores
The fast-fashion retailer claimed they had seen "strong and profitable" growth in online shopping however it was not enough to save several of their brick-and-mortar stores.
So Paperbags Are The New Fashion Accent?
So Props to Sandra , I saw something that I couldn't believe. There are fashionistas who are making the everyday paperbags something big in the fashion world. Now it's not exactly like a paperbag, but then again yes it is. All they did was add a little something to along with a de…
Swagg Or Swagg-NOT?
Does this really look cool?  Is this the style?  There are a lot of people that have a problem with pants sagging.  Are you one of them?  On the other hand, some will argue, it's the style.  It's how they dress now.  What do you think...
Good Looking People Are More Selfish — Study
Attractive people are less likely to cooperate with others, and more likely to focus on their own interest, according to a new study
Spanish researchers had volunteers participate in “Prisoner’s Dilemma“-type games and found that those with the most symmetrical facial features generally took the sel…