Voting by mail is on the rise and understandably so, due to the COVID-19 outbreak. If you’re one of the many residents mailing in your ballot and you're nervous about it getting lost, you can confirm it was received.

Calcasieu Registrar of Voters Kim Fontenot, says it’s easy to verify if your absentee ballot reached her office. All you do is log on to the Louisiana Secretary of State Website or voter geaux vote app, search by voter and click “check absentee ballot status” to verify the status of your ballot.

On top of the usual mail-in ballots, Fontenot has extended the qualifications to apply for an absentee ballot. Under normal circumstances, voters would need to be over 65, disabled, away in college, and meet a few other requirements in order to mail in their ballots. However, due to the pandemic, voters who have COVID-19 symptoms, are in quarantine, care for someone infected, or are at high risk can also be approved for absentee voting.

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