In the aftermath of Hurricane Laura a little over a month ago there was a large and sudden spike in mosquito populations in the state. It got so bad that some parts of the state actually reported that livestock had been sickened or killed by huge swarms of the blood-sucking pests.

So far, we have not noticed a similar response from the insects in the aftermath of Hurricane Delta. Although, after just being outside for most of the weekend doing clean up and repairs around my house, I did notice I was bitten more than a few times.

While Hurricane Delta may have not moved the massive swarms out of the swamps as Hurricane Laura did you can still expect an increase in the mosquito population over the next several weeks. This will be especially prevalent around areas that have standing water or around large piles of debris awaiting pickup.

While we have not had a lot of mosquito-borne illnesses brought to our attention over the summer, there have been reports of the West Nile virus in Louisiana. That disease is carried and transmitted by mosquitoes so avoiding their bites helps you avoid that malady as well.

Insect experts advise you to wear long sleeves and long pants if you're going to be debris clean up and or pick up this week. They also suggest you wear a proper insect repellant. This will also help you avoid being bitten while you go about your business outside.

Maybe we can get a real cold front to come through in the next few weeks to at least slow the mosquito assault down just a little. Until then, we're going to have to Fight the Bite as best we can and take those extra precautions.


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