If you have been impacted by Hurricane Laura, you may be eligible for Disaster-SNAP (D-SNAP) Assistance. For those in need, it’s important to note the D-SNAP program has a higher income limit than standard SNAP services. Income and assets available to the applicant during the disaster period are determining factors.

There is no need for current SNAP recipients to apply for D-SNAP benefits. Replacement SNAP benefits may be available to various recipients depending upon the location of their residence.

This D-SNAP issuance will be administered by phone, and cards will be mailed to people approved for the benefit at the address they provide.

The applications window for D-SNAP enrollment is based on the first letter of a person’s last name and parish of residence. Days will be set aside for people who missed their assigned application window. For more details, text LADSNAP to 898-211. Below is a look at the application schedule.

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