Over the weekend I was looking around the house and came across one of the first awards that I received when I first moved here. My guy Derrick Morris is truly an innovator when it comes to the music industry. When I first moved here, he was the creator and brains for Crunkfest. This was one of the most talked about events for the Third Coast. Which I ironically was another brainchild of Mr. Morris that we carried on 107 Jamz.

The purpose of the Crunkfest was to spotlight and show love to many artist who came through including Trae The Truth, Pimp C, The Screwed Up Click and so many more artist who were shown love on a local level before going national.

I was privileged enough to be given an award myself with the Crunkfest Unsung award. I would like to believe that it was given to me because of the love I have for the community and the importance of having a radio station that touches the people and tries to help educated my listeners.

I want to take this time to send mad love to Derrick Morris as we have been friends for years and I know that he is just beginning. Maybe I can convince him to bring Crunkfest back as many of the young generation didn't get a chance to really experience what we did and many artist who don't get the love they should.



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