The man you love to hate is giving you one more reason to do so. Rapper and Actor Ice Cube is back and in a major way. He is currently working on the next Ride Along movie, but took the time to appear on Sesame Street and talk to Elmo. Check out the video below of the fun moment.


Ice Cube Appears On Sesame Street With Elmo:

Of course there are those who will hate and say that he sold out, but if you have a brand then you have to make it work. There is not a person alive that I know who has never watched Sesame Street, and for the most part it played a very pivitol role in our lives. I commend Ice Cube for actually doing something different and spreading his wings so to speak. Of course being a true fan of Cube, I can't wait for his latest album to be released and dropped soon.

Ice Cube- Today was a Good Day:


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