Last year Daniel Beasley, a black man and former employee at a Roscoe's Chicken 'N Waffles in L.A., won a discrimination lawsuit against the iconic soul food joint.  Beasley claimed the all-Hispanic management treated him unfairly and used various forms of discrimination against him.  Fed-up he went to HR with his complaint hoping to get assistance, but instead he fired out of retaliation.  

He filed suit against the California franchise and last year won $1.8 million in personal damages and $1.5 to payoff his legal fees.  That judgement may have something to do with East Coast Foods Inc, the parent company of Roscoe's, filling Chapter 11 Bankruptcy according to the LATimes last Friday.

Unfortunately the historic West Coast eatery has been having some major money problems for the last few years, with an estimated debt of almost $50 million.  If that's the case the recent ruling of the Southern California jury may mark the beginning of the end, for the popular bird and waffle franchise.  

It's sad to see happen because the culinary giant has gained world wide recognition and has become a staple in California.  The chicken and waffle establishment was founded by Harlem native, Herb Hudson, in 1975 and ever since then has been near and dear to all walks of life.  The restaurant has also been a favorite among Hollywood's finest serving up their famously strange combo for celebs likes of Game to Natalie Cole, Redd Foxx, even the POTUS.  Hip-Hop greats, but now concerns are being raised that the historic franchise may be in jeopardy. 

The good news is someone has already stepped up to save the restraunt...Snoop Dogg! TMZ caught up to the West Coast legend, while he was hanging out with his 213 homie Warren G and he had they had this to say about Roscoe's bankruptcy.

Maybe he wasn't joking. We shall see.  Keep you posted if anything else turns up.  In the meantime for all things entertainment, listen to Tha Wire on The Peoples Station 107 Jamz at 12:50 p.m. and 3:35 p.m. every weekday to stay in the know!

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