Let's start with the good news, Joshua Ledet.  That's all I gonna say.  The bad news, Idol disqualified Jermaine Jones.  They didn't just kick him off, they put him on blast!  Question, did it have to go down like that?   You be the judge.  Here's video of how it all went down.



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As reported on MTV.com,

Jones' dismissal hangs a cloud of mystery over this week's elimination; as Ryan Seacrest explained during the show, the singer with the lowest number of votes is "at risk" of going home on Thursday's episode. That seems like an odd qualifier to throw in there unless the judges plan on either not eliminating anyone this week or introducing some sort of "save" element into the competition.


In other news, Drake will grace the cover of a well known magazine for their new April 2012 issue.  However, it'll be the very first issue of it's kind.  Plus, Rick Ross is following in the footsteps of his friend Swizz Beatz and is getting ready to roll out his own kicks.

Lastly, Mystikal is working his way back to the top of the music game.  He's out of prison, with a new label and a new album on the way.  As part of today's bonus story here he is in a recent interview with Hip-Hop Nation to talk about it.




For the rest of today's juicy details, there's only one thing to do...press play now to hear Tha Wire: