Joshua Ledet

Ledet's new show
Westlake native and former ‘American Idol’ contestant Joshua Ledet will be part of a new eBay-affiliated web series starting on Sept. 19 that will hopefully raise funds for the American Red Cross.
Joshua Ledet — New Music
This morning (April 7th), former American Idol contestant and Southwest Louisiana native Joshua Ledet announced the release of his new song titled 'Trust Me I Lie,' via Instagram and Twitter. Expect the song to hit iTunes soon.
Joshua Ledet Releases Song
He's impressed the world with his rendition's of classics by artists such as James Brown, Percy Sledge, and more. Now SWLA's own Joshua Ledet has given the world something of his own, a new song titled, "Here to Die."
Josh Ledet to Sing at White House
Joshua Ledet is back in the news today for two reasons.  First, he is celebrating his 21st birthday today and second he will be singing at the White House with a all star cast of artists for the President tonight.
Exclusive Josh Ledet Interview
May 2012:  Southwest Louisiana was in a frenzy as Westlake native Joshua Ledet climbed the ranks of American Idol.  Joshua Ledet was everywhere you turned. And then, all of a sudden?  Nothing.  And we've been waiting eagerly to hear what's next for mega-talented singer ever since.  What's Josh been up to?  Well, we asked him.
Mariah Carey Joins American Idol, Real Talent In The House [Video]
So I have to keep it real, I really haven't watched American Idol since Fantasia was chosen, that was until Joshua Ledet came on board this season. Well kinda like everyone else who vowed to not watch it again after Joshuas lost may have a change of heart. The reason, how about Mariah Carey being a judge.
Neyo Prepairs To Go R.E.D. — Tha Wire
He's multi talented and with now signs of slowing down, Neyo is prepping the release of his 5th studio album.  Neyo's been a busy man, making movies and tending to his signature hat collection "Francis Ellargo", but now it's time for music.

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