Occasionally, during these turbulent times, we see ourselves in compromising situations and are faced with no words. I came across a friend of mine who had a shirt on that described exactly how I am feeling.

I got the individual's information from where he purchased the shirt and I immediately ordered mine. This allowed me to have a great t-shirt day at work. Over the past few weeks, we have had to deal with individuals losing their lives for simply being at the wrong place at, honestly, the wrong time.

The people who we pay to protect us are harming us at an alarming rate, so today I wear this t-shirt to let the word know I am tired and not only am I tired, I am fed up. My son was pulled over last week in front of my house. I went outside to see what the problem was and he had a tail light that was out. Unfortunately, it was due to some electrical issues with the car, but that literally could have ended all bad. The policemen let him off with a warning, but inside of me was trembling.

We are fed up and shouldn't have to live in this world with fear from the flashing lights. We deserve to be on this earth happily, just like many of our counterparts. The time is now for change, and I truly hope that we will receive it. Big shouts out to my guy Shedrick Jenkins for supplying such a great brand. If you're interested in one of these shirts for yourself, all you have to do is hit this link for more details.

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